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UPEA Street Art Festival is a unique art festival and a brand new addition to Finland’s festival scene. UPEA invites artists from all over the world to create large scale mural artworks in different cities. The first UPEA Festival will take place in September 2016 and the murals will be created simultaneously in different cities.


The goal of UPEA Street Art Festival is to bring the joy and diversity of street art to Finland and raise the appreciation of the art form. Large scale mural art is something that is still rarely seen in Finnish cities. UPEA wants to cover the bare facades with mural art by renowned street artists and bring the art out of museums to the public.


The first UPEA Street Art Festival has selected some of the most prominent artists from the street art scene in Finland and established names from abroad. UPEA is the first street art festival in Finland that invites foreign artists to create permanent street art.


Confirmed artists for UPEA16 are Italian artist Tellas (in Helsinki), Swedish duo Graffitisthlm (in Helsinki), Australian artist Guido van Helten (in Helsinki), Bulgarian duo Arsek & Erase (in Turku), Swedish artist Ola Kalnins (in Riihimäki), Indonesian artist WD (in Kemi), U.S. artist Andrew Hem (in Vaasa) and Finnish artists Kim Somervuori and Teemu Mäenpää (in Hyvinkää and Hämeenlinna).


UPEA Street Art Festival is organized by the street art association Katutaideyhdistys Päävärit ry.